A Cost-Effective Crane For Construction
A Cost-Effective Crane For Construction
Ebon Crane have been a part of many of the worlds greatest construction projects. We can actually be used for construction or form a part of the construction itself such as cranes in power stations. With over many years experience working with the construction industry, Ebon Crane has worked on projects large and small, from the smallest electric chain hoist or jib crane for a local water treatment works to the huge goliath cranes used in dam and tunnel construction.

In the construction industry it is not only the ability to manufacture the equipment that counts, but the experience and management skills to form the partnering arrangements necessary to win major project work and to follow through to completion. Ebon has a worldwide distribution network and installation engineers used to working anywhere in difficult or unusual circumstances.

Some typical applications on construction projects include:
 -Water treatment works
 -Sports and entertainment facilities
 -Nuclear facilities
 -Military installations
 -Production plants
 -Civil engineering
 -Manufacturing of building elements
 -Tunnel and pipeline construction
 -Mobile architecture
 -Precast construction





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