Paper Industry

Bridge Crane For Paper Industry

A paper mill is a unique operating environment with very demanding conditions for crane and hoist manufacturers. Ebon has many years experience in providing reliable lifting and mechanical handling solutions for the paper industry worldwide.

The environmental conditions in a paper mill which may require special attention need to be fully understood by the purchaser and crane maker alike as they will vary from case to case . Some of the typical precautions which may be necessary are special measures to protect against the ingress of water on ‘wet end’ cranes, design for high ambient temperatures and certain cases special consideration of fire hazards on 'dry end' cranes. Above all many paper mill cranes require higher than standard classification, heavy duty open winch hoists and above normal safety factors.

Ebon has supplied cranes for many applications in different types of paper making but the typical reel handling crane with three hoists in which two hoists are used in tandem for production with the third being used for rotation and maintenance is perhaps the most common.

Bridge Crane For Paper Industry




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