Petrochemical Equipment

Ebon Cranes For Petrochemical Industry

The coke pit of a petrochemical plant is a harsh environment. Moisture, corrosive and ignitable fumes, conductive dust, abrasive coke dust, and weather are all challenges the crane operator must face. Productivity is fast and rarely stops as your coke needs to be processed and transported on time to meet demanding contracts. Downtime is not an option. Ebon provides petrochemical cranes and other lifting solutions that help you manage your industrial challenges.
The bridge crane features an independent travelling cab for improved operator visibility, good with a wide span layout. A single leg gantry (SLG) gives you a hopper-side runway rail at the grade level. This saves you the cost of an elevated runway structure. The travelling hopper eliminates long travel and keeps the crane more efficient. Add a cantilever to the SLG for a narrower pit width.

Ebon crane also makes a number of smaller explosion proof cranes ideal for a petrochemical plant. For example, the chain hoist crane is good for any light general lifting. Our jib cranes for hazardous environments are ideal as maintenance or auxiliary cranes.
Our automated load control features make operating cranes simple and easy. With advanced features your load is always in the right place.

Ebon Crane For Petrochemical Industry




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