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After-sale Service

1.Installation and Commissioningcrane lnstallation and commissioning
We can provide you with the overall installation of crane machinery and equipment, and realize"turnkey operation". After installation, we will do commissioning and operation of equipment, and provide you with testing data reports of installation and operation. At the same time, we can also provide professional training to your equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

2. Repair and Upgrade

 After years of experience in the material handling market, we have the skills to solve any operational or parts-related problem that your cranes could have. We can offer:
-Perform interventions quickly, allowing the earliest readiness of crane to be used.
-Perform reliable interventions, and take actions to increase the time when the need will arise again.
-Minimize the use of resources, both labor and materials
-upgrades services help to increase the service life of your equipment, adapting it to your new needs.
-Replacement of hoist.
-Transfer of crane to new location changing its dimensions.
-Replacing electrical equipment.
-Replacing motors. Installation of variable frequency drives.
-Installation of radio control. 

3.Spare Parts

We have the spare parts that your crane needed either EBON or another brand. From large parts such as motors, gearbox, Variable frequency drivers ….to the most common as cables and contactors with the highest quality and guaranteed and  delivered within a very short time condition.we guarantee you that the spareparts,which you bought from us are from original manufacture and with company warranty.
The spare parts we offered:
-Crane Kits,hoists, chain hoist...
-Motor, gearbox, brake...
-Structures, hook, drum, sheave, cabin, coupling, bearing...
-Grab, tong, sling,lifting beam...
-Festoon cable system, downshop line..., linkage controllor, resistance...
-Common parts:cable, contactors, penal, button...

Spare Parts



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