Overhead Cranes For Aircraft Manufacturing

In-house handling of aircraft components is one of the most demanding applications for cranes. Building and maintaining aircrafts is a high-stakes business that demands nothing less than perfection from its suppliers. Extra-precise control and the handling of nonuniform pieces are among the chief challenges in aerospace material handling.

Ebon Cranes' experience in crane and hoist applications for the aerospace industry world-wide is extensive. Our cranes are used in the construction and maintenance of a wide range of air and spacecraft including passenger jets, fighter jets, AWACS, Concorde, a wide range of medium and light aircraft, helicopter and even satellites. Ebon also has considerable experience in cranes for engine maintenance and overhaul facilities.

Ebon cranes that are fitted with slewing trolleys ensure that the components are positioned with precise accuracy. Due to interlocking devices that are installed on the crane installations, components can be transported directly from one bay of the factory building to an adjacent production area.
Our cranes are employed for semi-automatic motion sequences and fully automatic installations in aircraft production operations.

 Overhead Cranes For Aircraft Manufacturing





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