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Monorail crane repair on ship for Greek

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On the day of 10th November, Mr. Kleon a fleet superintendent on ship from Greece sent an email to Ebon email box. He set some documents about his crane condition and technical data about the monorail crane. Mr. Kleon said their ship will arrived at Guangzhou on 15th and he hoped our engineers can go to Guangzhou to check his crane.
On the day of 16th, our engineers went to Guangzhou to check the crane. After discussing with Mr. Kleon, our engineers decided to take the crane to our factory because there are many faults on the crane.
After several days repairing, we contacted with Mr. Kleon in time in the process. On the day of 5th December, the crane have been finished and delivery it to shipyard in Guangzhou.
Under the guidance of our engineers, the crane has been installed completed.
On the day of 8th December, the ship has set up to his journey.
Hope next cooperation.




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