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Happy cooperation with the UAE client

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The UAE client visited our factory in June, 2014. The leaders paid high attention to this visit and did a lot of preparetion for it.

The client was investing on a galvanized workshop, so they put a highlight to the corrosion prevertion and protection system of our cranes. They arranged investigations ahd inspections on several suppliers, and at last they were satisfied with our production line and quality, and they signed a contract of the first project with Ebon Crane at once.

The contract includes 5 cranes of QE (1.5+1.5) T-18.2m, and they promised that there will be more cooperation with us in the future. At last, they thanked our warm welcome and treat very much.

After the contract, every staff of our engineers, the production department and the inspection department was focused on every process to ensure the quality of the products.

With our joint effort, these 5 cranes were made with high quality timely. And our client was satisfied with the products after inspection.

These 5 cranes were shipped to the UAE port in August 5th, 2014. And we are looking forward to next cooperation with the UAE.

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