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Double Girder Bridge Crane

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 Double girder travelling cranes are the ideal solution for the area coverage handling of heavy loads from 5t up to 32t.
 Like other kind of factory cranes, these overhead cranes are available with installation on the new or existing buildings and the best in functionality, versatility and convenience.
 With advantages of compact structure, light dead weight, maximum lifting height, these bridge cranes are widely used in workshop, metallurgical mills, warehouse, assembly shop etc.
 -welded box beams.
 -main girders and end carriages are computer-optimized for high performance and low weight,
 - The spans can be up to 40 m
 -Overhead crane can be tailor made for your special requirements. For example, higher crane travel speeds, service platforms, trolleys with walkways and auxiliary hoists etc.
                                                       Double Girder Bridge Crane
       Capacity(t)        5t        10t        16t        20t        32t
       Span(m)        7.5m~25.5m, or other special span
       Lifting Height(m)        6m~24m or other specail height
       Lifting Speed(m/min)        8(8/0.8)        7(7/0.7)        3.5(0.35/3.5)        3.3(0.33/3.3)        3.(0.3/3)
       Trolley Speed(m/min)        20        20        20        20        20
       Bridge Speed(m/min)        30        30        30        30        30
       Working Duty        A5        A5        A5        A5        A5
       Power supply        380V,50Hz or other





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