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Crane wheels have been shipped to Zambia

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On the day of 2th February, an enquiry message from Zambia via our website had come to our sight. The customer Mr. Chanda sent a drawing of crane wheel and need our quotation. Our engineers were going about carefully the item at once.
If Mr. Chanda had any questions, we will sloved as soon as possible. After many times discussing the drawing and requirement with Mr. Chanda, we reach an agreement about the price and design scheme.
After 20 days manufacuring and several days preparing, the wheels were reday to delivery to Zambia on the day ot 20th March.
On the day of 28th May, Mr. Chanda had received the crane wheels and used them at once. After 10 days using, Mr. Chanda said highly of our products and hope long cooperation with our company.

Crane wheels have been shipped to Zambia   Crane wheels have been shipped to Zambia 2




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