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Billet Clamp

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Steel billet is refers to the steel mills before finishing the blank, common is a rectangular billet and slab. Billet clamp is mass transit billet steel mills, port, wharf and other units of special tools.

Billet clamp is Ebon machinery co., LTD., in order to meet the market demand, according to the law of the People's Republic of China machinery industry standard JB/T50001 heavy machinery general technical conditions - 5000-15-1998, mature technology at home and abroad for reference, combining the situation of China, after several years of careful development, research, design, manufacture, test molding billet transport of special tools.

The billet clamp adopts the turn lock type automatic opening and closing mechanism, implement automatic lifting clamp. Simple and reasonable structure, flexible, reliable, safe and convenient lifting, do not need to provide any external power supply by jig self-respect to realize opening and closing, automatic fixture of opening and closing action.
       Model        Rated load        Billet steel width
       DPG16t        16t        550-800
       DPG20t        20t        700-1000
       DPG24t        24t        800-1200
       DPG30t        30t        1000-1500




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