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Lifting electromagnet is special equipment which utilizes the electric & magnetic physical quantity to lift attached materials and has become indispensable when to lift and transport ferromagnetism materials in lines of metallurgy, mine, machinery, shipbuilding and transportation etc and it can also be used as electromagnetic manipulator magnetic force centering bar length fixing and so on in some fields. As the attached materials are diverse, the electromagnet structure magnetic circuit and manufacturing process are also different. So there are many series of strong targeted products.

1.     Adopt totally sealing structure with good property of moisture- proofing, non-magnetic fender is made of rolled Mn plate which has good property of weldability magnetism- isolation, wear-resistant and shockproof.
2.     Overseas technology has been introduced improved innovated as well as get optimum designed by computer to make our products reasonable structure, light self-weight strong attraction force and low energy consumption.
3.     The energizing coils have been processed by special technology and thus its property of electrical and mechanical gets enhanced. Heat-resistant of insulating material reaches grade C and service life is long.
4.     Rated duty cycle of normal electromagnet gets increased from 50% in the past to 60% thus working efficiency gets improved.
5.     Over high temperature electromagnet adopts unique isolation from heat and radiation, the temperature of attached materials gets increased from 600℃ in the past to 700℃ which expands application range of electromagnet.
6.     A full set of auxiliary unit such as control cubicle, cable reel etc can be provided as well.
7.     Installation, operation and maintenance are convenient.

Notice for use
 1.Check the welding joint on non-magnetic guard board, which under the electromagnet and other welding joint regularly.
 2.Check the condition of connecting box and cables regularly. If there is anything problem, please repair or replace it in time.
 3.Inspect the electromagnet insulation resistance and coil dc resistance regularly, repair it when you find something wrong.
 4.Check the situation of electric control equipment regularly.
 5.Keep an eye on the electromagnet working current in thermal state. If the working current exceeds the normal current, please stop the operation and find out the reason of it.
 6.Keep the current voltage pressure stable, and diamagnetic link work normally. Avoid the high and middle voltage impact the current coil.
 7.The use of electromagnet should according to the operation instruction, and please do not change the on-load factor.
 8.Electromagnet should be used in the allowable condition. 

Model designation
MW□1 - □23 / □4
MW: lifting electromagnet
1: type code
2: basic specification code
Stands for diameter (cm) (round electromagnet)
Stands for length X width (cm) (rectangular electromagnet)
3: Derived code
“L” stands for aluminum wire
“T” stands for copper wire
4: Auxiliary specification
“1” stands for normal temperature type
“2” stands for high temperature type
“3” stands for over high temperature type
“QS” stands for diving type
“QC” stands for strong magnetic type
“75” stands for high frequency type

Guide for mode selection
Our company has various kinds of products for meeting specific requirement. Please choose the right model according to the following guide.
1.     Choose the suitable according to the attached materials, refer to the table below.

Series of electromagnet Examples of attached materials Remark
5 Cast iron ingot, steel ball, steel scraps, iron powder Balk cargo or packed scraps
61 Various steel scrap Made for narrow trunk shaped container
19 Special for coiled bar (high speed wire) Contacted with two points of the wire rod, light, large attraction
18 Bundled rebar, small round steel, profiled steel Double coils, deep penetration
38 Bundled rebar, small round steel, profiled steel Standardization, serialization and deep penetration
22 Billet, bloom, steel ingot, profiled steel, etc Standardization, serialization
32 Billet, bloom, steel ingot, profiled steel, etc Standardization, serialization and deep penetration
42 Billet, bloom, steel ingot, profiled steel, etc Strong attracting force is formed in narrow area
92 Billet, bloom, steel ingot, profiled steel, etc Movable magnetic pole structure
25 Steel pipe, round, etc Standardization, serialization
35 Steel pipe, round, etc Standardization, serialization and deep penetration
85 Super dia pipe Standardization, serialization, special design for larger dia
17 Profiled steel, heavy rail, beam blank, etc Standardization, serialization
27 Profiled steel, heavy rail, beam blank, etc Light self weight, overlength heavy rail by combined units
37 Profiled steel, heavy rail, beam blank, etc Special type and deep penetration
03 Large steel ingot, cocast slab caster, thick steel plate For thick materials
84 For wide & thick plate and medium thick plate Includes ultrathin(δ≤4mm) steel plate, series large size type can lift many sheets
04 Single sheet Suitable for electromagnetic clamp and cutting post
16,26,36 For coiled steel Coiled steel will no get damaged during being lift, the most ideal lifting tool, we own two patents
2.     The specification, tonnage, hoist height, brake type of hook, capacity – should be provided.
3.     Choose normal or high or super high temperature type according to the material’s temperature. If below 150℃ choose normal type, between 150℃ and 600℃ high type. Above 600℃ but with a limit under 700℃, super high type.
4.     Duty cycle, when exceed 60%, choose high frequency type.
5.     When operation is in liquid, please choose diving type and provide us with liquid medium and diving depth.
6.     Please provide with geometry parameters (such as length, width, depth, diameter and so on) and number of pieces or bundles to lift when lift section material, sheet material.
7.     Pattern selection of corollary equipment
7.1      For single unit, choose control cubicle and other assistant equipment according to consumed power (current) for combined unit, we need total amount of consumed power (current).
7.2      Lifting height determines the length of cable coiled on cable reel. The power of electromagnet (current) determines current tolerance of cable reel. Pieces of the electromagnets and grouping condition determines numbers of core.
Pattern selection of permanent magnet lifter has been listed separately. See pattern selection of permanent magnet lifter.
Owing to diversity and complexity situation site, when you feel difficult in model selection, you can contact with our technical department and we will provide you with the optimal approach.
Note: All dimensions and parameters provided by this catalog are just for reference. The real size depends on actual product. We divide types of electromagnet as per different kind of materials for the convenience of customer to choose right type on base of their practical requirement.




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