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Rubber-tyred Container Portal Crane

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Rubber-tyred container gantry cranes are applicable to remove, load and unload international standard containers. Form of drawing trolley is adopted to achieve light structure, advanced performance, high production efficiency, fine maneuverability and small sensibility to unflatness of the ground. The crane is powered by cable drum. At the same time, diesel generating set is equipped for conditions when the power is off or the crane moves to another yard. As a result, maximum economic benefits are brought to the users.
       Product specification        LJMJ-35
       Lifting capacity        t        35
       Span        m        20
       Wheel gauge        m        6.8
       Stack height        Layer        3,4,5
       Container specification        20',40'
       Spreader slweling angle        ±5
       Lifting height        m        13.5
       Woreking system        A6,A7
       Speed        hoisting(full-load/no load)        m/min        12/18
       crab travelling        24
       trolley travelling        40
       Max. wheel load        KN        ≤200
       Installed capacity        KW        110
       Power source        3-PHASE A.C. 50Hz 380V





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