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Pillar Jib Crane

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 Pillar Jib Crane
 BZ-type pillar jib crane is a kind of small and medium-sized lifting equipment, the complete range is for loads up to 16 tonnes.

 BZ can be operated freely in 3D space. So jib cranes are efficient partners performing their tasks reliably in factory.With their comprehensive product line of jib cranes,  it offers flexible and cost efficient material handling solutions for any job in the workplace. Our Jib cranes can be individually tailored for your application.

       Pillar Jib Crane
       Capacity(t)        0.5t~163t as per requirements
       Slewing Radius(m)        2m~10m, or other special radius
       Pillar Height(m)        2m~10m or other specail height
       Lifting Speed(m/min)        8/0.8m/min (designed as per requirements)
       Trolley Speed(m/min)        2 0m/min(designed as per requirements)
       Slewing Speed(m/min)        0.8r/min (or designed as per requirements)
       Working Duty        A3~A5 depends on application
       Power supply        380V,50Hz or other
       Crane Inquiry Data Sheet
       Nos. Crane required                                    
       Capacity        Main Hook                 Aux. hook         
       Jib Length                                    
       Required Hook Lift        Main Hook                 Aux. hook         
       clear building heighth                                    
       Working Ambient                                    
       Working Duty        Using Frequency                           
       Power Supply              Volts     Hz      Phase   
       Control Method        cabin                 floor         
                wireless                 other         





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