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Laminated Hook for Ladle Cranes

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Crane double hook 1- Capacity: 1- 600t 2- Pulley: 1- 12 pulleys, 3- usage: Used on overhead, gantry cranes and all kinds hoist, Strength grade: M, P, S, T, V grade M grade with DG20, or DG20Mn P grade with DG20Mn S grade with DG34CrMo T grade below 40t with DG34CrMo, more than 40t with DG34CrNiMo or DG30Cr2Ni2Mo V grade below 40t with DG34CrNiMo or DG30Cr2Ni2Mo, more than 40t with DG30Cr2Ni2Mo. Model: Single hook: 5t/6t/10t/12t/16t/20t/25t/32t/40t/50t/63t/80t/100t/125t/160t/200t/250t Double hook: 10t/12t/16t/20t/25t/32t/40t/50t/63t/80t/100t/125t/160t/200t/250t. Block model: 3.2t/ 5t/10t/16t/20t/25t/32t/50t/75t/100t/200t.
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